SKOPOS CONNECT is part of the Qualtrics Partner Network. We build your community platform, seamlessly integrate it into your Qualtrics infrastructure, implement it so it becomes a cool touchpoint with your brand and provide all research services on demand.

Insight Community

The Insight Community is your digital direct link with your consumers. Thanks to an agile software and short lead times, you can quickly obtain relevant insights that can actually be implemented.

At the same time, the Insight Community is also a promise to your customers: to be able to participate, to make an impact, to shape the future.

In order for this balancing act to succeed, technology, recruitment, community management and community research must be perfectly coordinated. Only then will the Insight Community become a real added-value for your company.

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Interesting, sophisticated, sexy: an attractive mix of qualitative and quantitative elements – a closed, responsive research design paired with an individual branding – all of these aspects help your Insight Community become a positive touchpoint with your brand. And that’s exactly what we aim for!

Due to an agile and flexible software, we are able to build an impressive tailor-made touchpoint with your brand. (Almost) Nothing is impossible. We adapt the software to your needs continuously developing it to meet your specific requirements.


Community Health im Überblick

Thanks to a learning database, we offer live reporting and enable a visually attractive data preparation.

Participants can thus be selected based on any criteria and invited separately to specific community activities. The respective activity is dynamically controlled and only displayed to the selected participants on the platform.

In addition, you are able to track the most important community KPIs at any time in our live dashboards accessing blogs and forums in real-time.

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We collect a whole lot of personal data . Data from people who place their trust in us and in you. That is why we make no compromises when it comes to data protection. GDPR compliance is our absolute minimum requirement. We store all our data in Germany and are ISO and TISAX certified.


Relevance is key when recruiting community participants. Already when addressing the participants, you make a promise to them – in terms of content and design: What is it about? What are the benefits for the participants? How appealing is the design? A promise that must be kept in the long-run.

We are convinced that professional and consistent communication from A to Z contributes to keeping this promise. It is the recipe for a successful Insight Community with real added value for our customers.

That is why we do not offer a DIY solution, but a full-service package – from technical setup to recruitment, community management and community research.

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Community Management

From the setup of the community to community health management and member support for any community questions, the entire communication must appear professional and coherent, both visually and in terms of content. A community is not only part of your business card – it is an important touchpoint with your brand.

This responsible task requires an experienced, professional team that plans strategically in the interest of the community members in order to receive valuable feedback. It is crucial that the right target group is presented with precisely fitting topics and that the results of the surveys are then fed back into the community. As only interested, motivated participants who see themselves as part of the process will contribute to the success of your community.


Community Management


Community Management


Community Management

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Community Research

Short, sweet and interesting – an attractive combination of qualitative and quantitative elements – that is what lies at the heart of research activities in a community. Good questions, methodologically well formulated, deliver the input for relevant, executable recommendations.

Market research thus becomes fast and sexy all of a sudden. But not every business is ready for it yet. We will prep you for the quantum leap into the brave new world of communities and help you pave the way with internal stakeholders.







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