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You would like to establish a professional customer experience management and are looking for advice? We professionalise your experience management, identify touchpoints, measure customer satisfaction and thus help you to generate more sales.

Customer Experience

Amazon does it, IKEA does it and so do our customers REWE, SEAT & Audi: strong brands shape the future together with their customers. Because who, if not the customer himself, knows best what he wants?

Customer Experience Management is the magic word – a holistic management approach with the ambitious goal of optimising the customer journey as well as the customer experience with the brand.

Customer Experience Management; Customer Journey Mapping
Kundenfeedback ; Customer Centricity
Touchpoints entlang der Customer Journey
Customer Journey optimieren - Konzepte entwickeln
Voice of the Customer
KPIs für CX entwickeln
Customer Experience Management, Kundenfeedback, Customer Journey Mapping

It is important to seek a continuous dialogue with your customers, to invite them to give feedback and to share their opinions and experiences. But above all, it is important to formulate good, methodologically accurate questions and to derive relevant recommendations for action from the findings on a daily basis.

This is the only way customer experience management makes sense and results in better customer satisfaction in the long-run. And today’s satisfied customers will be tomorrow’s customers – loyal fans who repeatedly place their trust in a brand.

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Due to digitalisation and modern technologies, we have the opportunity to question your customers directly and immediately about their product or brand experience. We interact with them live at the respective touchpoint focussing on the experience at the moment of customer contact.




Digitaler Kassenbon


A customer survey is also always a touchpoint of the customer with your brand. We are therefore convinced: an impressive, appealing design in harmony with your brand presence – dynamically adapted to the end device used – has a positive impact on your customer’s brand experience.

Net Promoter Score

Speech to Text

Multiple Choice

Star Rating

We use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to determine how satisfied your customers actually are. However, this is not just about how many customers would recommend your brand to others. We go one step further: we give your customers the opportunity to give detailed feedback within the framework of an open question and to ask to be contacted again to clarify personal concerns. This gives you the chance to “recapture” dissatisfied customers and, if necessary, offer satisfied customers an extra service. Further detailed enquiries – for example about the friendliness of the staff or the competence of the advice – provide you with additional insights and thus complete the overall picture of the respective customer experience. In any case, this opens up a pool of valuable data and information that you can use to deepen the customer relationship.

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Valuing every quote, delving into the “why” behind every evaluation and thus bringing true customer-centricity into your company – that is exactly what we aim for.

With state-of-the-art text analysis methods, we give you easy access to large amounts of text and automatically and continuously deliver relevant insights into your customers’ satisfaction and opinions. Sentiment analysis and keyword extraction are the tools we use to develop future-oriented recommendations for action together with you. Because we don’t leave you alone with all the data.

With the help of an agile, flexible software, perfectly coordinated tools and a dedicated team of experts, we provide you with a full-service package tailored to your needs. Together, we put your customer experience management on a professional footing and work on the continuous optimisation of your customer journey.

Solution Architect


Director Communities & CX


Stefan Laufer

Lead Data Scientist


Christopher Harms

Lead Data Scientist


Christopher Harms

Senior CX Management Executive


Solution Architect


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Data protection

We collect a whole lot of personal data . Data from people who place their trust in us and in you. That is why we make no compromises when it comes to data protection. DSGVO compliance is our absolute minimum requirement. We store all our data in Germany and are ISO and TISAX certified.


All your data converge in our learning database and provide the material for real-time reporting. Whether visualisation for top management, details for specialist departments or self-service evaluations for data analysts – all relevant information is bundled and made available. Using interactive dashboards, questions that arise can be answered in seconds with the help of dynamic elements such as filters or comparison groups.

Live Dashboards


Key Drivers - Treiberanalyse

Geo Mapping


SKOPOS GROUP comprises six specialised units drawing on 25 years of experience.

SKOPOS GROUP comprises six specialised units drawing on 25 years of experience.

You’re looking for the classics? SKOPOS RESEARCH offers market research expertise

You’re user-focussed? Then you should speak to SKOPOS NOVA

We test your touchpoints! SKOPOS NEXT is the mystery expert

You’re looking for internal feedback? SKOPOS VIEW has the professional know-how

You want faster decisions due to data-based processes? SKOPOS ELEMENTS will advise you!



Oppenhoffallee 106, 52066 Aachen
+49 241 99000 770

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