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At SKOPOS CONNECT we are convinced: Your customer is the key to your success!
Thanks to an agile software, we offer customised community and customer experience solutions with maximum flexibility establishing a direct line to your customers. We focus on personal consulting and full-service support – always aiming for the implementation of a professional experience management.

Why we do what we do

We founded SKOPOS CONNECT because we believe that only a direct dialogue with the customer can move your company forward.

It is not the exchange of opinions and ideas alone that makes a difference, but rather the promise to your customers to participate, to make an impact, to shape the future. Because only if your customers see themselves as part of the process will they also give you honest, authentic feedback and contribute to the value creation of your company.

We are incredibly proud that successful companies such as Porsche, Miele, Bosch, REWE and many others share our conviction and place their trust in us time and again.

Managing Director

Managing Director

Oliver Kern

Martin Grupe


How we do what we do

Modern technologies allow us to have a direct dialogue with your customers. Thanks to an agile software and expressive, individual branding, we create a special touchpoint with your brand ensuring a positive customer experience.

We develop learning databases, engaging front-ends and establish interfaces to the most advanced tools – always with the aim of creating a relevant and sincere dialogue at eye level.

We standardise and automate digital processes, not only because it is faster, more efficient and less error-prone, but also because it makes our own job much more exciting.

What is in it for you

We design your customer experience management, implement the appropriate tools and integrate them with your systems.

With our communities, we establish a direct line to your customers and involve them in the development of better, more relevant products and services.

We not only deliver the right technology, but also offer you expert advice and personal support from A to Z.


SKOPOS GROUP comprises six specialised units drawing on 25 years of experience.

SKOPOS GROUP comprises six specialised units drawing on 25 years of experience.

You’re looking for the classics? SKOPOS RESEARCH offers market research expertise

You’re user-focussed? Then you should speak to SKOPOS NOVA

We test your touchpoints! SKOPOS NEXT is the mystery expert

You’re looking for internal feedback? SKOPOS VIEW has the professional know-how

You want faster decisions due to data-based processes? SKOPOS ELEMENTS will advise you!



Oppenhoffallee 106, 52066 Aachen
+49 241 99000 770

Intrigued? We’re happy to advise you!

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